Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fahrenheit 451: Guy Montag - Part II

Guy Montag has the normal life. He works regular hours at a regular job, and he provides money for his wife at home, Mildred. He does not question things and goes about his job as a good worker. All of this is true until the story begins. He meets this girl named Clarisse, and she changes his life so drastically. She does not just accept everything like the world has taught him his entire life, but she wants to know more about everything the world is teaching. She asks why things happen, and this confuses Montag. Montag starts to retract this "disease" that Clarisse has, and it turns his whole life upside down. It turns over everything he once thought to be true and definitive. And, it does a little more inside him than just mental confusion. It starts a chian reaction of physical confusion. He no longer knows if he fits in society. He thought he used to have a good life, but now he does not understand what he should be doing with his life. When Clarisse magically disappears, the chain reactions pick up at a rapid pace. He starts reading the books he is supposed to be burning. He is so lost in this world that he goes out into it to try to find himself in the sea of loss. Montag is a fireman, but he is not a fire puter-outer. Actually, he is a fire starter! His fireman's number is 451. That is why the book is called Fahrenheit 451. The fire is hot, thus the name "Fahrenheit." Montag realizes the trouble his life is full of, and his goal in the long-run is to fulfill some sort of goal. He is really unsure of what that goal could be, but he knows there has to be a goal somewhere out there for him to reach. He is excited to find it, bt along the way, there is much more confusion in his path that he must first overcome.

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