Monday, January 3, 2011

Journal #27

Persistence can both be good and bad because of the ways one is persistent. Sometimes, I am too persistent, and it eventually is just annoying to the other person I am trying to get to do something. But, honestly, I kind of think that the annoyance was brought upon themself because if he or she had just done what I wanted in the first place, then I would not have had to be so persistently annoying. Does that not make sense? Just do what I want of you, so I will be able to stop wasting my time and yours. If people thought the same as do, I think life would be a lot easier for everyone because (most) of what I say and do is quite sensible. Also, if everyone did the same kinds of things, there would be no face to face problems among families, countries, and people in general. But, still, persistence is definitely necessary if something is at all important. If I need something done, of course I am going to keep telling you to do it because I need it done. That should not be too hard. But, however, there is the other person's side of the situation in which they might also be doing something important at that moment, something that might not be able to just be put aside for even a moment. Just like everything else in this world, there are two sides to this problem of mine that I, for some reason, share with so many people. I just do not understand why. Also, I do not like it when people are nagging at me. There is a difference between nagging and being persistence. Naggy people are usually just sort of whining about it, and they are certainly much more annnoying. They do not get the point across that they want you to do something. On the other hand, persistent people just say directly that the issue needs to be acted upon.

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