Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Journal #32

Over our last winter break, my family took a weeklong vacation onboard the Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Dawn. Having never encountered such strange vacationing as always having an option of something to do at all hours of the day, we as a family decided it would be something new and exciting to take part of. On Christmas morning, we had all our bags packed and were ready to leave for the 9:30 flight out of the local airport. We were all tired from having to wake up before the crack of noon, so my first thoughts of the trip were of being forced to spend time with my brother, who had just returned from Australia only two days prior. I had always observed him to be an ass, especially when we are on vacation. On board, he and I fought over who gets the bed that was not right up against the wall, who should decide which place to eat, who gets to decide what activities we should do on each day, but, thankfully, we were all pretty much allowed to choose our little events to our own liking. For instance, I could go see the magic show with my mom, while my dad was in the casino, and my brother could also be swimming in the pool. So, in this case, we would have been separated by six decks or about six stories, or roughly 60 vertical feet. But, during the time we spent together as a family in ports of call or at dinner, I think I did a fair job of putting aside my secretive deep hatred for my brother and was able to get along with him fine. He was only joking when he said most of the mean things he did, I soon realized. When I looked at most of them from the side, not being in a position within the joke, they were funny, to a stretched end and if I maintained an open mind. He did not come off as his usual self, but he acted fine, much like I would expect him to, which was really okay. It seems as if I do not have to dislike him at all, but I was building up all the mean things he said into one large wall of loathing. I suppose I would like to take another vacation as a family, one that we all can enjoy.

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