Friday, January 7, 2011

Journal #29

Recently, I have stumbled upon this song by a very weird girl surnamed Lady Gaga. This particular song is called "Bad Romance." The beat is catchy, and she has a beautiful voice. Her lyrics are written by her own thoughts, and she is an amazing artist in general because of her thoughts in how to incorporate classy music into a modern form. Her real name is not Lady Gaga, but she has adopted that name as hers because it sounds weird, and that is her goal. She certainly accomplishes this, also, but this strategy has obviously captivated many people because her official music video on YouTube has over 330,000,000 views. Like Madonna, Lady Gaga has learned how to use the strangeness of her persona to her advantage because that is what people nowadays want and like to see. We like to see crazy people because it is very different than what we should be seeing in someone who is so well musically trained, like Lady Gaga is. The story in "Bad Romance" itself is about this woman, Lady Gaga, who wants a form of freakiness from the person she is talking to, who is not directly named but is a man in the music video. Also in the video, she is the subject of an auction in a strange, futuristic bath house. All of the main portions of music are there, like a good chorus, an interesting and very different break, and verses that go along the same rhythm and tone but are all equally different because of the phrases they hold. Also, the story of the song is rather sad. She is in love with a man, obviously, but the relationship is not "healthy" because they fight and make up so frequently, which is something that many couples can relate to. Being able to relate to the song or movie is another intriguing factor because it makes it seem much more personal and easier to comprehend.

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