Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Journal #28

Well, convincing people to do things can be sort of difficult. Honestly, when I really need someone to do a task for me, I sort of just force them to do it, I do not usually try to give them evidence to show them why they need to do it because that would take way too long for all intents and purposes. So, going along the same track, I cannot really remember a time where I convinced someone to do something, unless being forceful about it counts as convincing. So, instead, I think I will provide a story. So, once upon a time, there was a small boy named Jack. In Jack's backyard was an enormous plant growing from his mother's small vegetable garden. But, this was no ordinary plant. It grew so high, it touched the sky. His mother, after a long day of running errands in town, told Jack to go out into the garden and pick some beans from this immense plant. Being the good boy Jack is, he trotted out the door and began looking for some beans on the stalk. He could not find any at eye level, so he climbed up the stalk, almost to the very top, still in search of some beans. When he rached the very top, he looked back down at the ground and saw how very high up he was. He thought to himself about how he may never get to be up here ever again, so he stepped off the plant and onto the clouds. Suddenly, a nasty old troll came running toward the poor boy, screaming. The troll had huge, green hair, a creepy little half smile, and glassy eyes, staring deep down into the frightened little boy. The troll said, "Who do you think you are, coming into my land like this?" Jack, somewhat startled and confused responded quickly, "I am very sorry, sir! I had no idea anyone would be living so high above me!" The troll continued yelling at Jack, "Well, does your mother know you are up here, this late in the day?" "No," said Jack, wide-eyed, "she sent me into the garden to fetch some beans, and I was only curious." "Well, scram!" snapped the troll. Instantly, Jack jumped back onto the beanstalk and hurriedly climbed back down to be safe at home. When he stepped in the door, his mother asked if he had gotten the beans, like a good boy, and Jack was forced to reply with a no. He tried explaining it to his mother, but she simply had no idea what plant he was talking about. All of her bean sprouts were under a foot tall, and none of them could possibly carry a troll! Jack tried to show his mother, but she remained unconvinced, seeing that the enormous plant was, indeed, no longer present. The End. The troll convinced Jack to leave, and Jack attempted to convince his mother of why he took so long. But, after all of that, they still had no beans for supper that night.

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