Thursday, January 13, 2011

Journal #31

Personally, I do not think I actually "daydream" in a sense because I never totally just space out and allow anything to enter my mind. For the most part, I have sort of trained it to avoid that as much as possible, but I certainly do still distract myself from boring things like classes and work. But, if I were to really daydream, I think it might go something like this. There I was, sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun to rise over the horizon. There was also a friendly octopus there, who told me I was trespassing on his Octopus' Garden. And I looked around, and I noticed there wasn't a chair, but there were countless baby octopi growing from the ground. I screamed "Help!" but no one came to my rescue. The large octopus stared at me and asked, "What do you see when you turn out the lights?" I had no idea what to say at first, but I eventually responded from the back of my throat, "I can't tell you, but I know it's mine." "Oh, how I long for yesterday," groaned the octopus, "I have strawberry fields forever, and I love her, but that blackbird flies over her face so frequently. I guess I will just carry that weight." "Hey, Jude," I replied again uncertainly, "come together with the lord, and she will find her good day, sunshine. What is her name, anyway?" "Michelle," replied the octopus, sadly, "I've got a feeling this misery will bring no reply." "Something in the long and winding road of life will bring you both one magical mystery tour," I encouraged. The octopus was just so glum. "I'm down. I'm a loser. I lost my little girl. I'll cry instead." let out the poor creature. I stood up and looked at the heartbroken octopus and finally exclaimed, "I'm looking through you, and you do not really feel like she is lost at all. I saw her standing there, under the tall oak tree. It's getting better. You cannot just let it be! Don't let me down, Jude! Go on! Act naturally; all you need is love." "You're right," said the octopus, "all things must pass. Oh, look, here comes the sun. But trust me, it won't be long until the fool on the hill brings the end with his creative rain dances. When I'm sixty-four, you won't see me, but always think of me within you and without you. She and I will buy a yellow submarine, and we will twist and shout all over the ocean. Thank you, nowhere man, from me to you. I'll be on my way."

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  1. WOW! How did you come up with this idea? I like the creativity of combining all the song titles into a story.