Monday, January 24, 2011

Journal #34

Being the ACT essay grader I obviously am, there are a few things you should know about properly writing a professional grade argumentative essay for ACT. The first part of superior writing is planning out the sections of the topic that you want to write about. Always make sure to choose a side you wish to support and stick to that throughout. However, one important thing to also include is a counterargument to prove that your side is the better decision. What I like to see, being the ACT essay grader I obviously am, is no more than about three paragraphs. It makes my job much easier because I am then able to blow through all the bad essays and give out somewhat more accurate random scores. For instance, if you write three paragraphs, it is almost guaranteed you will receive a five or a six. Personally, I am not in the job to screw over all the high school students looking to get into college, but I enjoy helping out those young adults because I understand what is going on in that stage of life. It really is pretty scary, I know, but I will be here for you. Also, the next important part of the essay writing process is proofreading and revising what you have written, as long as you have enough time. That is another difficult part of the writing portion - time management. Basically, write the first version as fast as possible, and go back to revise it later if you still have time. Unbenounced to many ACT test-takers, we do not really follow the rubric. As I said earlier, I base my grading mostly on length and how easily I can read the words. If I find grammatical errors, that usually lowers the score about a point. It is few and far between that I give lower than a three, though. This is mainly because they are able to write at least a page of somewhat decent work, and I am pretty good with that because, also as I said, I am not in the business to hurt a future college student's dreams.

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