Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Journal #30

School uniforms is a difficult topic because there are so many people who grew up in schools with uniforms because that was just so normal for the time. Those people are now the modern day parents, and they are trying to keep the same philosophy going in their children's schools because that is how they were brought up as children. Nowadays, however, schools have become much more open to varying cultures and ethnicities in schools. So, this also allows the children to express individuality in the things they wear, and I think we at our school use this privilege well. There are rules over how clothing can be worn and how short a skirt is or how low a shirt is cut. These rules already give enough of a guideline to students, so there are not really any problems with dressing improperly. A uniform at our school will not solve anything, but it will cause more problems in the student body because no one really wants to have school uniforms, and that would mainly create problems for the principal and superintendent because they would have to listen to students complaining all the time. As it is right now, students complain enough about random things that they think should be improved or changed about school, one huge contributor to this is having snow days or not. In no fashion is it the job of the student to call a snow day, so, in a perfect world, I would say it is wrong for a student to complain about not having a snow day, but, since children are children, they always complain about it. In this case, I think it would not fall in the hands of the students to decide if they should have to wear uniforms, but we, being the rotten children we are, will always complain about something that goes even slightly against how we feel or think. Plus, ideas like these always spread like wildfire in their reactions to them. If one "popular" student says he does not like it, then most of the student body will conform to that person's feelings because that is just how the mind of a teenager works, knowing this because I myself am a teenager. It is very difficult to get the entire school, including students and faculty, to agree on a decision.

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